A Complete Guide To Developing A Mobile Marketing Strategy

I’m sure that by this point you don’t need me to tell you that mobile marketing is important. In fact, some would argue that your mobile site is more important than your regular site. But none the less, some businesses still struggle when it comes to developing a mobile marketing strategy.

So in this post we are going to explain, in detail, how to develop a mobile marketing strategy from the ground up.

Ready? Let’s get started:


Important Principles

Let’s start with the fundamentals, a couple of key rules to keep in mind before we embark on putting together a strategy.

It’s Not Just About Mobile

Before we even start I will say this:

In reality, developing a “mobile marketing strategy” doesn’t really make sense. You should be developing a single marketing strategy that accounts for mobile visitors as well as all other aspects of your marketing and business.

That said, you may already have a marketing strategy and just need to refine it for mobile, or perhaps you don’t have a strategy at all and you want to develop one.

Either way, it is important to remember that mobile users are also tablet users are also desktop users etc... So even if you are taking a mobile first approach to your marketing, you shouldn’t forget that the same users will often view your content multiple times on multiple platforms before making a purchasing decision.


App Vs Website

Another sticking point for some businesses is the question of whether to have an app or a mobile website. In reality though the answer is simple:

You MUST have a mobile website – just as you MUST have a regular website.

Having an app may or may not also be necessary, it depends on your business, but a mobile website should be considered a requirement.

As a rule of thumb, apps are helpful if you have a lot of returning users, but your website is a critical tool in actually attracting those users in the first place. So having a mobile app without a website is a bit like launching a loyalty scheme before you actually have any customers!


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